Kaleidoscope Fabric C11

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New exclusive fabric series Kaleidoscope C11. Original fabrics designed by Karen Platt in stunning patterns for all your fabric needs, a series of mix and match fabrics. Start creating unique, colourful projects with my fabrics now. These fabrics have been sheer pleasure to create. A contrast fabric with dark tones and jewel like colours. Try them with plain fabrics and use in art, textiles, dressmaking or crafts.

All fabrics are available in different sizes and a range of different colours. They can also be supplied on different materials - cotton, linen, silk. This fabric is also available as a tiled pattern. If you do not see what you want, please ask.

The price given is for fabric size A3 (42 x 29 cm) and is available immediately. It will be printed on cotton unless you request another fabric.

Alternatively, a metre of this fabric is 45.00 gbp and you need to allow two weeks for dispatch.

If you want to learn how to make your own fabric, you can access my new online course Photoshop For Textiles shortly.

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