Pink Inspirations Pack 1

Product Description

Find creative expression with our hand-dyed fabric colour packs. Pink cottons, pink linen, pink velvet. All the fabrics are colour-co-ordinated for ease of use. Perfect for creative stitching and more. Great for City & Guilds courses.

What you get:

All variegated hand-dyed, top quality natural fabrics

One piece pink linen: size 37 x 60 cm (15 x 24 inches)

One piece pink cotton velvet: size 27 x 35 cm square (11 x 14 inches)

One piece pink cotton muslin: size 47 x 62 cm (19 x 25 inches)

One piece pink fine lawn cotton: size 48 x 38 cm (19 x 15 inches)

One piece pink fine calico: size 36 cm square (14 inches)

One piece pink medium calico: size 40 x 73 cm (16 x 29 inches)

One piece pink heavy calico: size 42 x 46 cm (17 x 18 inches)

All sizes approximate.

Special offer saving over buying fabrics separately.

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